The brilliant Hooded Orioles (along with the Bullocks Orioles) visited our feeders this spring. These southwestern birds are very secretive so it was truly delightful to have them stop by for a few days.


Migration is in full swing and the Lazuli Buntings have been at our feeders for at least 2 weeks! And the Western Tanagers have just shown up.


A place well worth visiting is Tuzigoot National Monument. This ancient ruin was built approximately 1000 years ago on a limestone hilltop in Arizona’s Verde Valley. The Verde River runs 120 feet below and provided year round water for the Sinagua pueblo culture. Tuzigoot has been designated an Important Bird Area.


The Western Bluebirds will spend the winter in the desert. Flocks of these beauties visit our yard, hunting for insects. They gather at the bird water bowl to drink and take baths. And they just keep getting bluer and bluer!


The tiny Verdin is showcased for the first month of 2021. This fast moving bird tolerates the heat of the desert, always searching for hidden insects among the foliage. During the winter months it visits our backyard and eats the fruit of leftover apples still hanging on the tree.


The Vermilion Flycatcher is a delight to see and brightens our yard with his vibrant color. He adds a bit of festivity during this month of December. Happy holidays to all and stay safe!


October is red chile season! A local Arizona farmer grows all different kinds of chiles and throughout the summer his customers can buy the chiles roasted or unroasted. There is a choice of mild, medium and very spicy. In the fall the chiles turn to a beautiful red and the display in his stand is filled with warm vibrant color.


September is here and we are already seeing some migrating birds. A Nashville Warbler stopped by (just for a short visit) and luckily I was able to get a few photos before he flew off. On his way south to Mexico no doubt.