Ridgway Graphics: Catherine (Cathy) Claxton, Painter and Arnold (Arnie) Stephens, Photographer
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About Ridgway Graphics

Catherine Claxton's folkloric style reveals her love for nature and places us into a mystical, and often whimsical, setting. Her acrylic paintings and drawings reflect her Southwest background and draw inspiration from all the beauty that surrounds her. Vibrant color is a key element in her work. Cathy lives in Sedona with her husband, Arnold Stephens, and Rita, their young, energetic black lab, and works full time in her studio. In this artistic setting, she continually explores the relationship of art, nature and landscape, and how it connects us with the past and the present.

Because of the deep color saturation and clarity of detail, the ceramic tile is the perfect medium to display her art, with each tile handcrafted in her Sedona studio. Images are heat set into a special coating on the tile, giving the art work permanent and lasting qualities. Paintings are available on 4 1/4" and 6" tiles, tile magnets and tile ornaments. Larger tiles come with wire picture hanger on back and are packaged in a clear plastic bag. Cathy also displays her art on "Art to Wear" pins.


TileCathy and Arnie started Ridgway Graphics while living in Ridgway, Colorado. At that time, Cathy was a handweaver, creating large wall pieces and rugs with hand dyed wool. She was captivated by the complex use of design and color found in textiles from around the world. Wanting to share her love and knowledge of weaving, she started the "Imprints" textile notecard series. Her textile drawings included Navajo Weavings, Kente Cloth, Molas, Mud Cloth and American Quilts.

Arnie's long time interest in photography began with black and white landscapes of the American West. As a young boy growing up in the Sonoran Desert, he spent hours exploring the desert. His interest in photography led him far into the back country, capturing the natural world on film. Because of his vast knowledge of open space and location, Cathy was able to develop her own artistic instinct and skills. Through time Arnie began working in color and he and Cathy combined their skills of photography and painting. They have since created a large portfolio of Southwest landscapes and native wildflowers. Arnie works full time with Cathy in their studio. Their product lines are widely sold in National Park bookstores, museum stores and specialty gift shops.